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Top tips for your social media campaigns!

22/06/2015 - Design News -

Top tips for your social media campaigns

• Be regular
• Understand what excites and interests your followers
• Interesting and useful content aligned to your audience
• Encourage interaction
• Use appropriate, current and consistent content
• Be responsive to customers
• Use visual content with links
• Be strategic in the use of hashtags
• Use blogs to link social media to website
• Drive audience to different pages within your website
• special offers, events
• Share and retweet relevant and aligned posts
• Ask questions, run surveys and involve your audience in decisions

Here at springcreate, we can help with your social side. It may seem like a minefield,
but we can help you put together a social media platform
that works for your company.
We can make it easy and manageable.

We hope you find these top tips useful, this just scratches the surface.
give us a call and ask about our social media solutions, from initial set up to full management, the choice is yours.

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